vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Integration of medusa into the HackSuite

I have just created the database manager for THC Medusa and thought I'd share what I did so far on this new Application. As you can see in the image below the Medusa app is split into two apps. The white hat and the black hat version.

For now I need to integrate the rest of the application so that it can communicate with the suite because I started with this project as being standalone.

Anyway here's a sneak peek.

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

New stuff I'm working on

Been some time since I updated the blog. For now I'm working on the pro version of the hacksuite. As you may know or not know I've stopped working on the free version of the hacksuite.

As we speak I'm integrating the medusa tool that I created earlier into the hacksuite, it's a complete suite that is used for finding weak passwords in cmses and forums. It can be used for whitehat and blackhat purposes. In white hat modus it will send a warning to users, in black hat style it steals passwords.
It can however do way more. I'm planning on creating a shell that can steal configuration files from cmses and forums. This together will make a deadly tool that can start stealing passwords within minutes if the site has a file upload vulnerability.

Medusa already supports around 20 of the most used cmeses and forums and adding new targets is easy with the supplied documentation.