donderdag 15 december 2011

I just found out that..

Well did a few things here and there, got the new site and will change the whole look and attitude of it.
I'm making jquery powered splash screens atm, so far I finished 3, 3 are basically done, 2 are far in progress(like the image on top of this post), 1 is just the css and html with only cufon as js and 1 I still need to think of...each splash screen aka category has a different kind of jquery driven animation so for the last..hmm will come up with something. ;)

As u may know I love jQuery and have never really been into js at all, was avoiding it all the time, I'm more the type of guy that plays with 3p aka php, perl, python, actually anything server sided.

Anyway, will have to code a new login system, basically the whole environment, gonna take a while..doesn't really matter the whole challenge site at Tools & Design is still available.

zaterdag 5 november 2011

Mission briefing

Will work today on the briefing layout, I will no longer us the facebox jquery js plugin to display that, instead I will use css3 icw jQuery to show briefings.
Here's a mockup of the briefing background for now.

dinsdag 1 november 2011

Bromland: some epic encryption technology company

Bromland..what do I have to say about them?
It's the first site you will have to hack your way through, funnily enough just an hand full of people made it passed the first penetrate challenge([naughty thoughts here]).

What is Bromland and why do we care?
Bromland has a website on the interwebz that offers encryption tools and services.
Bromland's staff made it look like they're awesome at what they do, they even have this huge banner with a background straight from the "Hackers" movie!
Anyway, since you actually made it this far reading my blog I will give you a small hint on how to beat the first challenge and find it.
First you will need to download one of their tools(you can actually access just one), with some true out of the box thinking you will be able to create an account on the website and that's the start of your journey through Bromland and the two other sites.

I've made Bromland a long time ago, however I want to recode certain parts, same goes for the two other websites.

zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Tools & Design Hack Challenges

Have done some work on the penetrate challenges, haven't worked on the challenges itself for a long time so had to update my head, which was quite some work tbh.
Anyway I basically made some interface that will block users that aren't logged in or have less than 250 points.

Yeps I made this restriction so users won't be able to peek into this section unless they're worthy enough.
The 250 points barrier isn't there for nothing, only a couple of people made it past the first penetrate challenge in the last three years, while there are 13 challenges totally.

Anywaaaaay, the interface is driven by some dynamic jQuery that is written by a php script oh and ppl are welcomed by some pretty ladies with heavy guns to get passed them, yep you will need enough points, there are welcome ladies for all four sites.
So for all you test driven beasts out there, start hacking and free the ladies from there imprisonment... or something.

donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Tools & Design v5

Aha yes I think its time to dive into the Tools & Design v5 project, will probably leave the THC HackSuite as it is for now and make the old hacking challenges compatible with the new template @ Tools & Design.

I'm already pretty far with that anyway so now its just a matter of completing the rest of the stuff, after that I will probably recode all competitions as it looks like they're all on islands(not connected in any way if u know what i mean).

Haven't worked on v5 for pretty long, so I will probably need to do a lot more stuff than comes to mind right now.

When will I release it?
Well depends on many factors, but the old site is still accessible, even though the old site kind of sucks imo compared to the new Tools & Design which is heavily armed with some slick css/html5/jquery effects, which I'm sure you will like.

The site itself has increased much in loading time as well, due to better caching and less sql queries.
It will still use SMF but is stripped down heavily.

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Songs I like while training


Have definitely forgotten tons of songs though.

THC HackSuite vs Tools & Design v5

I'm always kind of scratching my head over what is next up, working on the thc hacksuite or finally finish Tools & Design v5, still not sure...have multiple things in my head actually...I want to create a sqli tool for the thc hacksuite even though it's easy to code one using a callback in THC_SS I'm a fan of reinventing the wheel.

So what's next?
THC or T&D v5?
Stay tuned for more exciting *cough* info.

Today's training

After back from work I actually was highly fatigued and feel as if I'm getting ill, that doesn't make me stop my training or take a rest, nope.

Better yet, I always have PRs when getting ill or tired, anyway I threw in 40mg diana + 20 mg winny + yellow thunder = win win!
I feel pretty weird now, still recovering from my superset overhead press + squat warm up @ 100 kg.
Today is full body training as usual, i like that the most even though ppl keep telling me to train more specific: arm day bladiebla, well i dont like that and dont feel satisfied afterwards.
So it has no use to try convincing me coz u wont be able to, ppl still trying and kiss my streamlined fire extinguisher.

Overhead + squat superset:
100 @ 16 reps, (squat never count, till the burn kills my legs)
110 @ 12 reps
120 @ 8 reps

120 @ 20 reps
140 @ 14 reps
160 @ 9 reps

Deadlift(stiff legged):
180 @ ?? reps
200 @ 15 reps
220 @ 10 reps
240 @ 6 reps, oh my back hehe can't bend anymore aaaaaaaargh

These are just the compound exercises, i do way more stuff, but dumbell stuff isnt rly interesting imo

My security and hack related sites

If u actually wanna follow me on more places, then here are some sites that I own, except for twitter:

THC HackSuite: My sexy penetration testing tool written in PHP => HackSuite
Tools & Design: My hack challenge site that I'm revamping atm it also has a forum that is fully automatic updated => Tools & Design
Twitter: OMG, yes I'm on Twitter even though I always said ppl using that media are usually pretty odd, I've actually found out that I'm a bit odd as well so decided to join in the frenzy and link my sites as well to get better SE rankings, yarly! => Twitter


Hellö and welcome to my sexy blog with the black layout, what will be on this blog u may ask?

Aha thats a good question, this is a blog about my life as a webdeveloper, programmer, pranker, martial arts fetishist, weightlifter and my other hobbies, yes i will throw in some of them too for now thats a well kept secret...this will be basically a way to express myself on the interwebz and to kill some of my spare time with awful jokes and more serious stuff, but more or less I want to use this blog as a tool to keep up with my progress in life.

Here are some keywords that can make me happy:
Princess Farah aka my wife, cats, pranks, exploiting websites + manipulate the data and cause unimaginable output on sites, total confusion, making fun of colleagues and prank them, watching frank mcgrath animal training, jack herer, xtend, dianabol, my barbell, crushing personal records like a boss, asian culture, indonesia, indo food gado gado hati hati!!!

My aims:
- weigh 115 kg @ 15% bodyfat, currently 117 kg @ 20% or something
- learn indo language so i can understand what my wife is talking about when she's talking in her native language oh and be able to communicate with my mother-in-lol
- become a master @ jquery
- become a dangdut dancer and singer, yarly! :p
- finish Tools & Design v5 and make the ultimate hack challenge site
- expand the thc hacksuite further and make it popular for every pentester out there
- find pink fluffy boots that match with my sexy white colored legs
- ???

Okidoki, will tell more later, time to get back into action, cheers!