vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Dominator new files and features so far

There's actually a lot more features, but I'm a coder and hate to update the changelog, here's a list though of what I've done so far:


// 0.5 - restricted password access to the suite?
$_CONTEXT['pass_access'] = false;
// 0.5 - pass hash
$_CONTEXT['pass_hash'] = 0;
// 0.5 - pass salt
$_CONTEXT['pass_salt'] = 0;
// 0.5 - sleep after failure in seconds
$_CONTEXT['sleeptime'] = 3;
// 0.5 - login file
$_CONTEXT['login_file'] = "login.php";
// 0.5 - redirect login failure
$_CONTEXT['redirect_fail_login'] = "http://www.google.com";
// 0.5 - allow remote rss feeds
$_CONTEXT['allow_remote_locations'] = true;
// 0.5 - used for automatic category filtering
$_CONTEXT['modcats'] = array();

// new files
- setup.php
- login.php
- auth.php
- json/login.php
- json/setup.php
- style/setup.php
- style/login.php
- style/headlogin.php
- style/bodylogin.php
- style/bodysetup.php
- style/css/login.css
- style/css/dominator.css
- style/js/login.js
- data/body.php
- data/remote.php
- includes/modset.php
- includes/sources.php
- includes/security.php
- includes/main_body_start.php
- includes/main_body_end.php
- rss/twitter.php
- rss/hsupdate.php

// new features
* updated jquery to 1.9.1
* login and setup
* paths.php new paths
* cleaned up js files
* removed caching (from rss class)

zaterdag 18 mei 2013

THC HackSuite Dominator 0.5

The FyreByte bloodline has come to an end, 0.4.7 was the last release in the 0.4 family. I'm now working on 0.5, this will be a kickass version with loads of new features and useless stuff will be dropped.

If you liked http://www.hackchallenge.net you're going to love 0.5 as it will have a similar layout and offers the same amount of jquery magic.

With the release of THC Dominator you will also find a new site @ http://www.hacksuite.com

Q: Will there be new modules?
A: None are planned, this release is more about adding new features and a better layout

Q: What will be dropped?
A: So far I will surely drop the FAQ section

Q: When will the old versions be available again?
A: The new site will host all the latest versions of every bloodline

Q: When will it be released?
A: I'm working on this alone, so it might take some time, I have no idea when, what or how. Stay tuned on this page, my facebook page and the hacksuite site itself

Cheers and happy hacking!