donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Tools & Design v5

Aha yes I think its time to dive into the Tools & Design v5 project, will probably leave the THC HackSuite as it is for now and make the old hacking challenges compatible with the new template @ Tools & Design.

I'm already pretty far with that anyway so now its just a matter of completing the rest of the stuff, after that I will probably recode all competitions as it looks like they're all on islands(not connected in any way if u know what i mean).

Haven't worked on v5 for pretty long, so I will probably need to do a lot more stuff than comes to mind right now.

When will I release it?
Well depends on many factors, but the old site is still accessible, even though the old site kind of sucks imo compared to the new Tools & Design which is heavily armed with some slick css/html5/jquery effects, which I'm sure you will like.

The site itself has increased much in loading time as well, due to better caching and less sql queries.
It will still use SMF but is stripped down heavily.

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