woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Today's training

After back from work I actually was highly fatigued and feel as if I'm getting ill, that doesn't make me stop my training or take a rest, nope.

Better yet, I always have PRs when getting ill or tired, anyway I threw in 40mg diana + 20 mg winny + yellow thunder = win win!
I feel pretty weird now, still recovering from my superset overhead press + squat warm up @ 100 kg.
Today is full body training as usual, i like that the most even though ppl keep telling me to train more specific: arm day bladiebla, well i dont like that and dont feel satisfied afterwards.
So it has no use to try convincing me coz u wont be able to, ppl still trying and kiss my streamlined fire extinguisher.

Overhead + squat superset:
100 @ 16 reps, (squat never count, till the burn kills my legs)
110 @ 12 reps
120 @ 8 reps

120 @ 20 reps
140 @ 14 reps
160 @ 9 reps

Deadlift(stiff legged):
180 @ ?? reps
200 @ 15 reps
220 @ 10 reps
240 @ 6 reps, oh my back hehe can't bend anymore aaaaaaaargh

These are just the compound exercises, i do way more stuff, but dumbell stuff isnt rly interesting imo

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