zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Tools & Design Hack Challenges

Have done some work on the penetrate challenges, haven't worked on the challenges itself for a long time so had to update my head, which was quite some work tbh.
Anyway I basically made some interface that will block users that aren't logged in or have less than 250 points.

Yeps I made this restriction so users won't be able to peek into this section unless they're worthy enough.
The 250 points barrier isn't there for nothing, only a couple of people made it past the first penetrate challenge in the last three years, while there are 13 challenges totally.

Anywaaaaay, the interface is driven by some dynamic jQuery that is written by a php script oh and ppl are welcomed by some pretty ladies with heavy guns to get passed them, yep you will need enough points, there are welcome ladies for all four sites.
So for all you test driven beasts out there, start hacking and free the ladies from there imprisonment... or something.

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