woensdag 26 oktober 2011


Hellö and welcome to my sexy blog with the black layout, what will be on this blog u may ask?

Aha thats a good question, this is a blog about my life as a webdeveloper, programmer, pranker, martial arts fetishist, weightlifter and my other hobbies, yes i will throw in some of them too for now thats a well kept secret...this will be basically a way to express myself on the interwebz and to kill some of my spare time with awful jokes and more serious stuff, but more or less I want to use this blog as a tool to keep up with my progress in life.

Here are some keywords that can make me happy:
Princess Farah aka my wife, cats, pranks, exploiting websites + manipulate the data and cause unimaginable output on sites, total confusion, making fun of colleagues and prank them, watching frank mcgrath animal training, jack herer, xtend, dianabol, my barbell, crushing personal records like a boss, asian culture, indonesia, indo food gado gado hati hati!!!

My aims:
- weigh 115 kg @ 15% bodyfat, currently 117 kg @ 20% or something
- learn indo language so i can understand what my wife is talking about when she's talking in her native language oh and be able to communicate with my mother-in-lol
- become a master @ jquery
- become a dangdut dancer and singer, yarly! :p
- finish Tools & Design v5 and make the ultimate hack challenge site
- expand the thc hacksuite further and make it popular for every pentester out there
- find pink fluffy boots that match with my sexy white colored legs
- ???

Okidoki, will tell more later, time to get back into action, cheers!

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