donderdag 15 december 2011

I just found out that..

Well did a few things here and there, got the new site and will change the whole look and attitude of it.
I'm making jquery powered splash screens atm, so far I finished 3, 3 are basically done, 2 are far in progress(like the image on top of this post), 1 is just the css and html with only cufon as js and 1 I still need to think of...each splash screen aka category has a different kind of jquery driven animation so for the last..hmm will come up with something. ;)

As u may know I love jQuery and have never really been into js at all, was avoiding it all the time, I'm more the type of guy that plays with 3p aka php, perl, python, actually anything server sided.

Anyway, will have to code a new login system, basically the whole environment, gonna take a while..doesn't really matter the whole challenge site at Tools & Design is still available.

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